5 benefits a ceiling fan can bring to your home


Say goodbye to the pull-chain ceiling fan, the wobbling and ticking of a fan motor & the constant wondering ‘does this fan even work’ because the room doesn’t feel any less cooler.

Nowadays, the unassuming ceiling fan has become an iconic design staple to help move air around a space while looking aesthetically pleasing. More and more we are seeing ceiling fans specified by architects in projects to help reach certain green star ratings for a sustainable home.

And that’s just the beginning of the humble ceiling fans rise in popularity.

5 Benefits a Ceiling Fan can bring to your Home

Energy Efficiency 

Big Ass Fans Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans can help reduce energy consumption to save big on air-conditioning & heating costs, as they can take the strain off the air-conditioner while also using less electricity than an air-conditioning unit. In fact, Big Ass Fans have crunched the numbers with their Haiku L ceiling fan. The efficient and whisper quiet brushless DC motors of the Haiku L delivers powerful airflow using only a small amount of energy to cool a home. To run a Haiku Fan 24/7 based on current energy prices will cost $14.88 when compared to the running cost of an air-conditioner which can set you back $2,505. Talk about dramatic savings! 

Air Circulation

Ceiling Fan Options

In both summer and winter months, ceiling fans improve air circulation to help a home feel comfortable rather than stuffy and stagnant. In summer, ceiling fans create a cool, welcoming breeze and in winter, help distribute warm air back down to your level. Reversing ceiling fans is now a thing of the past with the entire Haiku range by Big Ass Fans. With the ability to move at such a low speed to move heated air around without creating a draft, the Haiku ceiling fan is a great choice for year round comfort. 

Style & Functionality

Style & Functionality

From the shape of the blades to the range of colour options available, you no longer have to settle for black or white. And better yet, choosing a style to match your home does not mean sacrificing comfort and functionality of a ceiling fan, as smart home integration, 7-speed setting remotes and motion sensors are elevating how a fan complements your specific cooling needs.

Healthy, Happier Homes

Air Flow

Ceiling fans have always been known to improve the air quality of a home by reducing humidity, circulating fresh air and exfiltrating any pollutants by mixing the outside air with the inside. In doing so, ceiling fans can help improve respiratory health and reduce the risk of illnesses. Read more how ventilation can help improve your health here

Fits in any space, anywhere

Air Flow by Big Ass Fans

Ceiling fans are not limited to a bedroom and can be a signature statement piece in the living room, outdoor areas or even keep you cool in a kitchen. Available in different diameters, styles, and with lighting options, the once humble ceiling fan can now suit any aesthetic and room size. 

Get started on reducing your energy bills and elevating the style of your home. Download their Haiku Catalog here

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