AvanTech YOU

AvanTech YOU: Customisation Made Easy


Never before has it been easier to focus on customer preferences: AvanTech YOU lets you configure the drawer in exactly the way you want it to be.

Whether for use in the bathroom, living room or kitchen – every wish or a unique look is easily fulfilled with the broad diversity of this product range and the many different ways of creating furniture that speaks with individuality.

The concept provides a huge amount of design flexibility in terms of colour, shape and material, giving you the key to successfully turning your own furniture design ideas into reality. In a width of only 13mm, the style is uncompromisingly sleek. Where working components innovatively vanish into the slender drawer side, the clean design is set off with stunning effect. Here, there are no cover caps or holes to spoil the look of flawless beauty. The fitting deliberately recedes into the background and blends in with furniture as a design element.

Customisation has never been so easy.

Incredibly easy to achieve with AvanTech YOU, whatever personal character you want a design to reflect is a matter for you to decide. With a simple click, design profiles or DesignCapes conjure an accentuated, visual transformation. Elegant glass panels for the Inlay drawer side profile do away with the boundaries between space and furniture and focus the eye on furntirue design.

Design Profile

Use the many different ways of shaping and customising the design of your furniture. Give your furniture unmistakable character and respond quickly to the latest design trends. The fastest way: use Standard design profiles available in white, silver, anthracite, or in the optics of aluminium, stainless steel, chrome, walnut or oak.


With the DesignCapes in the anodised aluminium and stainless steel looks, many accents can be created even within the standard product range. But here too, the AvanTech YOU platform offers further versatile customisation options if you do prefer your own materials and colour trends.

Attention to detail

Use these unconventional solutions to highlight your furniture by using the DesignCape on the outside of the drawer frame to create a contrast to the colour of the drawer. Or you can create a combination of front and drawer decor in colour and material with the DesignCape and continue the design of the furniture inside. Real wood veneers or foils, for example, enable exclusive drawer designs from AvanTech YOU.

AvanTech YOU Inlay

Only the best solutions for personal preferences: whether glass in the standard finish or customised in a wide variety of materials, such as wood, stone or slate. If your material is 10mm thick, everything is possible and you can use customised materials.

In the standard range we supply clear glass, with a thickness of 10mm. However, you also have the options of using materials with a thickness of 8mm.

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