Colourful and cosy Gold Coast beach house


A strong connection to the outside world creates a warm and easy-going Gold Coast beach home



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Lazy days on the beach are beautifully complemented by the stunning interior of this home. The exterior flows easily and effortlessly to the interior, and the marriage between the natural world and the design of the home makes this project particularly special.

Principal interior designer John Croft, of John Croft Design, has worked with these clients twice before — once on their previous home in Brisbane and, more than 12 years ago, he designed the interiors of this Gold Coast property. This time the clients wanted a refurbishment that would revitalise the much-loved and lived-in home. Interior designer Nyria McKew assisted John with the redesign, which involved reupholstering existing furniture pieces as well as supplying new furnishings and accessories.

The use of colour is integral to many of John Croft Design’s projects and undoubtedly deserves mention here. “There was no brief,” John explains. “The clients just wanted their home to be liveable, relaxing and give a feeling of warmth. It was essential that it be robust and hardy to accommodate their young and active grandchildren, so they wanted to avoid a ‘precious’ space.” To achieve this, he and Nyria used plenty of patterns and colours. Neutral furnishings and fabrics were simply not practical with the young children around, and general wear and tear can be well concealed by colours and patterns for longer periods of time.

Although not immediately apparent, the subtle impact that natural materials have on the overall effect of the space is undeniable. Walls and floors resonate with a neutral palette; the soft hue of the stone flooring traverses from the outside patio into the living areas, not only providing a cool environment during hot summer months, but also allowing the gentle flow of the sand dunes and waves to continue into the home. The walls have been very carefully considered and the neutral colour has been scumbled to add a soft touch.

The outside world has been incorporated in many other ways. Timber materials, for example, are dotted around the home, particularly in the living areas where the diversity of the shapes and types of timber used bring a beautiful rustic aesthetic to the space. The soft, round edges of the side tables are offset by the sturdy linear structures of other furniture pieces, creating interesting and varied rooms.

Textures are also of great consideration. The soft textures and tones of the neutral floors and walls are simple and relaxing. The bright colours add sharpness to the space and the glossy lacquered tabletops, metallic table legs and shiny mirrors add a contemporary twist. Paired with the rustic furniture, the crispness of the modern pieces “creates a lovely combination, sense of humour and a bit of fun,” explains John.

There were very few problems encountered during this project, or at least nothing that couldn’t be resolved. One minor challenge was the large supporting column in the living room. Minor adjustments were made to the layout of the room, but unfortunately the column was one aspect that — if removed — would cause the structure to cave in. John and Nyria tackled this by encasing the column in mirrored glass, making a feature of it while also creating the appearance of extra space.

This refurbishment draws beautifully on the natural world outside. Like the colourful and mismatched environment that exists just beyond the patio, the interiors burst with the diversity of neutral and colourful palettes, textures, shapes and styles. The result is an environment that is both relaxing and fun.


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Photography by Steve Ryan

Originally from Design & Decorate magazine, Volume 4