Crafted For You


Australia’s first home-grown furniture retailer with an environmental conscience – helping you through self-isolation as well as those in need!

Support Local:

Crafted’s core values align with the current focus on ‘supporting local’ and helping to support both the Australian economy and keep Australians in work. By producing furniture on demand, as opposed to mass-produced, and paired with their long-established relationships with the industry’s top textile suppliers, Crafted sofas can be customised in an infinite number of fabrics (and colourways) without compromising on price or quality. Crafted also encourages environmental sustainability and ethical labour practices to give customers a more thoughtfully curated experience, whilst minimizing wastage and reducing their carbon footprint – furniture is built locally in Sydney using high-quality, Australian-made materials, including ethically sourced timbers, frames, and foams!

The Sofa Project:

In SYDNEY ALONE, the equivalent of 800,000 sofas are thrown away every year! This startling figure emphasises the unsettling rise of ‘fast furniture’ in Australia. What better way to help reduce landfill than by donating your old (arguably adequate) sofa to a community member in need? Crafted Furniture have been busy during lockdown, launching their first charity initiative – The Sofa Project. This feel-good project allows Crafted customers the opportunity to donate their old lounge settings to families and individuals who are rebuilding their lives and homes after having left unsafe accommodation. Working with local charities and community groups, including Heartful Home (self-funded charity helping people have homes they can be proud of when leaving crisis or unsafe accommodation), Crafted Furniture hopes that this initiative will not only help contribute to the reduction of landfill, but will help those in need. 5 sofas have been rehomed since the charity initiative was set up in April 2020.

Gray & Co. Collab:

Founder and Principle designer of celebrated Sydney Interior Design studio Gray & Co., Graham Simmonds, has designed a co-curated sofa with Crafted. The one-of-a-kind piece – The Mosby Lounge –  offers customers the opportunity to collaborate directly with Gray & Co to design their perfect Mosby lounge (encompassing highlights such as aged brass finishing). This collaboration is a wonderful example of the close and collaborative relationships Crafted forges with their clients to create one-of-a-kind furnishings to suit all budgets, and lifestyles! Since its initial creation as a one-off design, the Mosby Lounge is now available for purchase and customisation – meaning you can determine the configuration, size and materials to fit your space.

Crafted x You Campaign:

Crafted recently unveiled their new Crafted X You campaign! CXY is a bespoke consultant service now offered to all customers to help them design their very own sofa or lounge setting – custom-made to any size and configuration in materials of their choosing, and it’s all Australian-made! Crafted wants its customers to become co-creators of their own spaces – designing furniture with the personality to fit their lifestyle, not just their living rooms. Dream BIG (own budget dependent of course!) but essentially the skies the limit –bubble-gum pink crushed velvet sofa that comfortably seats 10-people… Crafted can make it happen!

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