Emma Wins Good Design Award for the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress


Do you want a mattress that is engineered for the perfect night’s sleep? Then look no further than Emma Sleep.

Emma sleep’s trophy case is close to overflowing with another win being added to the extensive catalogue. The Emma Diamond hybrid was named the category winner for Furniture and Lighting at Australia’s Good Design Awards 2022.

Projects recognised with an Australian Good Design Award demonstrate excellence in professional design and highlight the impact a design-led approach has on business success and social and environmental outcomes.

Emma Sleep Diamond Mattress

“Emma is the largest direct-to-consumer sleep brand and its products and innovations speak for themselves, tried and tested in more than 33 countries. This award recognises that Emma not only creates superior products that help Australian’s sleep better, but that are also advanced in their design and innovation,” said Emma Country Head Australia and New Zealand Simon Baumgarten.

Now we turn to the even more remarkable of facts. Over 88% of the customers who tried the award winning mattress reported waking up with no back pain and an undisturbed and restful sleeping experience, even with sharing the bed. The Diamond Hybrid is engineered to bring any sleeper type to the REM sleep stage faster, allowing you to wake up with more energy to tackle your day.

“Our global commitment is to lead the industry through innovation and create greater accessibility to affordable premium sleep products for everyone. Emma specialises in providing everyone the perfect sleep experience, with product features that give you the sleep you deserve,” said Mr Baumgarten.

Emma Sleep Cutout

Emma Sleep Lab conducted a study on Australian sleep issues and found 33.5% of the population have a sleep disturbed by night sweats at least once a week, while 24% reported to have trouble sleeping due to back pain.

The Emma Diamond Hybrids is able to absorb excess body heat through graphite particles which are found in the top layer. It is then able to distribute this heat away from the mattress, with their patented diamond technology into another layer that facilitates cool conditions to achieve that ideal sleeping temperature. Through this, you can enjoy a deeper sleep faster. All of this complements the dynamic spring core of the mattress which offers improved breathability and support, ensuring better spinal alignment and perfect for people who share the bed.

The Good Design Awards Jury commented that Emma’s product design was “crafted with well considered materials and construction, the concept interestingly changes composition from top to bottom”.

“We know that good design, when used effectively, can improve our quality of life and make the world around us better, safer, more efficient and more beautiful. It is clear from this year’s winning projects that investment in professional design delivers real impact – be it at a commercial, environmental or societal level,” said CEO of Good Design Australia and Chair of the Australian Good Design Awards Dr. Brandon Gien.

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