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At Feltex Carpets we are designers and technical specialists armed with a passion for interiors.

Our expert team are at the forefront of cutting-edge designs, bringing the latest colour and style trends to floors all over the world. Our carefully curated Interior Trends highlight new and emerging trends, and how these can be bought to life in the home with Feltex carpets.

Introducing, Biophilic Home

Biophilia focuses on human’s innate love of nature, suggesting a genetic connection to the natural world built through centuries of living in agricultural settings. Driven by the global desire to embrace and protect the environment, we are now seeing natural elements being incorporated at every level of interior design, from organic materials right through to large-scale green spaces.

Botanical design

We are witnessing a trend of horticultural influence in interior design, with an increase in the use of patterns, gradients and organic shapes inspired by nature and foliage. Where plants are too much of a commitment, designers are integrating organic green pigments and natural fibres in their choice of ceramics, accents, and finishes, to echo the imperfections of nature.

Neutral warm tones of ecru flooring complement the leafy green colour palette of the sprawling indoor plants. Homeowners are looking to source more organic material to replace traditional resources, offering a unique and authentic finish.

Product: Opulent Weave, 10 Silk

Contemporary Flooring

Flora-inspired elements

Natural elements like bamboo, rattan, organic cotton and raw edges add depth to your home design, while maintaining a connection to nature.

Large plants in pots, such as palm trees, ferns, and snake plants, can add volume to indoor and outdoor spaces and serve as a perfect complement to furniture, decor, and other plants in bloom.

Product: Opulent Weave, 10 Silk

Carpet Trend

How can you promote biophilia in your home?

When embarking on your design journey, it’s important to take nature into consideration every step of the way, from selecting flooring to choosing furniture. Spaces filled with natural light not only benefit plant life but also create a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors – creating a stronger connection with the environment. Consider fibres that reflect natural elements of stone, vegetation and wood, providing organic forms.

Be brave, tap into your inner plant maximalist, embracing unique species and rustic planters. In urban spaces, you can introduce smaller herb pots into kitchens, or pay tribute to nature through biophilic patterns or colours. Dive deeper into plant health, growth and lifecycles to understand how to better care for your plants.

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