Beaumont's What's My Style: a new online tool from beaumont tiles

Find your style with Beaumont Tiles


By Jessica Ienco

Deciding on your home’s style is now as easy as taking a quiz, thanks to Beaumont’s What’s My Style, a new online tool from Beaumont Tiles!

Choosing just one style for your home can turn into a major project in itself, especially given how much inspiration there is out there on Instagram, Pinterest and the like. Luckily, our design savvy friends at Beaumont Tiles have teamed up with six fabulous celebrity stylists to create an ingenious online tool to make this the most fun part of the reno process.

The online quiz is called ‘What’s My Style?’ and is designed to decipher exactly that. After answering a short list of questions intended to lead you down your personal-style path, Beaumont’s ‘What’s My Style’ then generates a whole bunch of personalised design ideas, styling tips and mood boards that match you!

Beaumont Tiles style Beaumont Tiles What's My style Beaumont Tiles style Beaumont Tiles style

You can even identify your budget and whether you’re looking to renovate an existing home or build a new home in order to receive completely personalised feedback. The end result is a downloadable PDF that incorporates anything and everything that you’ll need during the design process, including check lists, colour swatches and, of course, a personalised selection of beautiful Beaumont Tiles that complement your personal style.

Take the quiz and find out what your personal style is here: