Glamour meets style: a tale of two kitchens


Despite their differences, these two kitchens share one similarity — sophistication

The stunning, stark contrast between black and white is often experimented with. Germancraft Cabinets uses its showrooms to exhibit various interpretations of monochromatic contrast. Instead of forcing black to compete with white, the designers use the drastic differences to create a complementary set of two kitchens that have considerable impact.

As populations increase and living spaces shrink, we’ve grown accustomed to smaller homes, but that doesn’t mean we need to compromise on style. Designed by Katia Slogrove, these two kitchens are actually in the space that previously housed one kitchen, proving an area can almost always be used more effectively. Germancraft’s Scandinavian kitchen is a lesson on how to use space efficiently while still being chic. The kitchen employs all of the Nordic principles — simple, minimalist lines, lots of blonde timbers and white. Although a small room, there is ample storage and the Laminex materials used throughout enrich the space. In contrast, the Noir kitchen is reminiscent of a femme fatale — dark, mysterious and glamorous. Although traditionally a daring palette for a kitchen, black kitchens are on the rise as homeowners search for a refined look that defies convention.

Rather than using different colours that would disrupt the aesthetic to give the space depth, Germancraft has instead juxtaposed materials and textures. The matt cupboards pop against the shiny splashbacks and high-tech appliances, while the subtle opulence and modernity of the Blum Legrabox Pure glass drawers enhance the space.

The Noir kitchen’s crowning jewel, however, is undeniably the sleek butler’s pantry. Tucked behind an integrated door, the pantry is the picture of modernity. The open shelves allow you to display your wares while the large appliances are hidden away. The mirrored splashback prevents you from feeling boxed in by the black, and ensures the main kitchen can dedicate its benchspace to an unconventional dining table.

No matter the size of your kitchen, implementing the design techniques usedby Germancraft will make any space seem bigger and on trend.

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Written by Kate Wagner

Originally in Home Design Magazine Volume 20 Issue 2

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