Introducing Alliera and Rebecca, lifelong friends, and founders of HAAUS.

Founding HAAUS. with their passion for all things design, Alliera and Rebecca have undertaken complete house builds and renovations – transforming homes and sharing their journey with their audience.

Master Bedroom – HAAUS. 4
Master Bedroom – HAAUS. 4

Alliera and Rebecca were drawn to their current project, HAAUS. 4, not only for the incredible land that surrounds the property in Berry, but for the opportunity to push themselves creatively. Their objective was to capture the charming cottage ambience that Berry is renowned for, while maintaining the relaxed yet sophisticated HAAUS. experience. Aligning with a love for design and functionality, Godfrey Hirst are delighted to have worked with the talented HAAUS. team on this home.

Bedroom – HAAUS. 4
Bedroom – HAAUS. 4

To create a tranquil, warm, and inviting space, Alliera and Rebecca speak to their use of natural materials, minimalist design elements and a calming colour palette. They found the tactility of Chatsworth wool carpet’s texture loop design to fit the cosy, natural and soft brief, providing a strong foundation for the overall interior design elements. Further adding to the sense of calm, Alliera and Rebecca loved the sound-insulating properties of wool, offering a quiet and soothing effect.

Bedroom – HAAUS. 4
Bedroom – HAAUS. 4

The HAAUS. 4 colour palette complements the bright, airy atmosphere of their surrounding green scapes, creating a sense of spaciousness. Incorporating hues of pale clay and light ivory, Chatsworth in colour 310 Talman provided a stunning cream tone to balance the subtle accents of colour. With the soft, organic shapes of the furniture merging with the use of linen, cotton and wool, Alliera and Rebecca have created a space that feels cohesively designed.

It has been inspiring to watch Alliera and Rebecca’s project come to fruition and to see Godfrey Hirst’s product set in this beautiful home. To read more about HAAUS. 4 and view the products mentioned, visit the links below:

Chatsworth Wool Carpet – Hycraft Residential Carpet (godfreyhirst.com)



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