Stacked, dried and styled with Scandia


There’s no doubt – especially during these long days of winter – that having a wood-fire fireplace in one’s home not only adds warmth and ambiance, but it can become the focal point of almost any house, where we gather to share stories, read or just relax. But there’s always that one over-looked element to having a fireplace that remains crucial to having a good fire: Where do we store all the firewood!?

During the winter months, firewood needs to be stored so that it not only remains dry, but so that it’s close at hand, because let’s face it, no one wants to step-out into the cold night to have to retrieve more firewood to keep the evening going!

To this, Scandia, Australia’s experts in wood-fire heating, has designed a complete range of firewood storage solutions for both indoors and out that offer a solution for any sized space or any style requirements that you might have. With Scandia’s dozen or so solutions, long-gone will be the days of precariously stacking your firewood in the corner of the room, or in a pile outdoors.

For indoors, Scandia offers slim-fitting, space-conscience solutions like the freestanding ‘U-Stack’, ‘Designer Rectangles’ (1000 or 1500), or the wall-mounted ‘Designer Vertical 1800’ all that offer a safe and simple way to stack your firewood in a vertical set-up. But if you’ve got extra space, you might consider the stylish ‘1000 Round Corton’ or its little brother the ‘750 Round Black’. They, along with the ‘Beehive 850’ also make good use of the space just outside your doors in case you don’t have enough space indoors.

To get your firewood ready for the season, Scandia’s popular ‘Wood Wall’ keeps your outdoors supply of firewood covered and dry in its expandable system that can grow to 4-metres with the add-on extensions.

So regardless of the space you have, Scandia has an option that will help you keep your seasoned firewood always ready-at-the-wait!

Available exclusively from Bunnings.

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