Breathe New Life Into Your Space with the Amantii Bespoke Range

Breathe new life into any space while adding warmth and ambience with the Amantii Bespoke range available from Castworks.

Blending versatility, style and function, the Amantii Bespoke range of electric fireplaces is hot property. With a state-of-the-art remote, adjustable colour spectrum and Wi-Fi capabilities that allow users to control the fire from their smartphone, every Amantii Bespoke electric fireplace is as smart as it is stunning.

Even while the heat is off, enjoy the brilliant flame of this superb range for ambience during every season. Equipped with a 50,000-hour LED light source, the Amantii will see you through plenty of seasons. Designed with front flow heating and hidden venting to allow recessed or semi-flush mounting, these fireplaces are even approved for alfresco installations.

Unencumbered by unsightly venting, the fireplaces boast a truly clean face display. Two quality audio speakers deliver a realistic fire crackling sound, while unrivalled life-like flames can be customised to suit the setting. Simply adjust the flame brightness and speed and alter the colour of the ember bed to match your mood.

There are three Amantii Electric Fire models available: the Symmetry Bespoke, the Symmetry XT Bespoke and the Traditional Bespoke. Designed in Canada, the range is the result of over 40 years experience heating homes in Canada, the USA and Europe. Amantii is one of the top suppliers of electric fireplaces in North America and the new Bespoke range is the best of their best.

Symmetry Bespoke

The Symmetry Bespoke series is more than an ordinary fireplace; it is a well-designed fireplace, combining classic form with a modern interpretation. One of its unique features is the included thermostatic remote. It can be set and programmed (daily and weekly) for any temperature at any time you want. More controls are also available using the Wi-Fi app.

Symmetry XT Bespoke

The Symmetry Xtra Tall Bespoke is grandly proportioned to fit in opulent rooms and commercial settings. It’s the size and height of this electric fireplace that started it all, revolutionising the electric fireplace industry. Delivering tall, full flames, it commands presence in any room and can be customised to your taste; from contemporary to traditional, the media log set selection is yours.

Traditional Bespoke

Traditional Bespoke is a new interpretation of the classic fireplace with emphasis on superb design, features and quality. Choose flame colours and effects using the latest technology and rely on the optional log set to create a realistic look. Inside the fireplace, a powerful heater warms up your space of up to 40sqm. Concealed heater vents above the glass allow for a truly clean appearance.

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