Infrared Heating Health Benefits

We naturally emit far-infrared radiation as humans. The warmth we experience from a sun-heated environment is the same as this. It is entirely safe and all-natural.

The ability to feel comfortable in both humans and animals has developed thanks to solar radiation. Our skin naturally tans, reflects, and warns us to stay away from the Near (Shortwave) infrared waves of the sun. We prefer the Far and Medium (or Longwave and Middle) infrared waves because they are absorbed by our surroundings and radiated back to us. Here we take a look at infrared heating and the benefits it can bring.

The most effective and entirely natural wavelength that our skin and common household items absorb and emit is far infrared.

Infrared is:

  • Our sense of comfort comes from the biologically most significant form of heat (60%). Only 15% of our sense of comfort comes from convection (the movement of hot or cold air), with the other 25% coming from evaporation and heat transfer from our bodies to our clothing or other objects.
  • It is felt most strongly from the top of our bodies downwards (which should come as no surprise given the evolutionary context), and we also radiate it back out most easily in the same direction.
  • the wavelength that our skin’s water can absorb with the greatest efficiency. Due to its biological significance, its vital warming properties, and other uses in baby incubators and the wellness sector, the 8–12 micron waveband of the far infrared is frequently referred to as the “Vital” range.

Radiant Environments are healthier

Using infrared technology to dry out buildings has additional advantages for human health.

Water also removes damp in buildings and changes the conditions required for more damp to form because it absorbs infrared light specifically well (part of the reason we like the feeling so much).

The air is not warmed; only the walls are.

Instead of warming the walls, convection heaters warm the air. Condensation can form in ideal conditions. Thus, an infrared-heated environment has many positive health effects.

  • because moisture creates a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and other organisms that contribute to the causes of illness.
  • Infrared is also non-convective, which means it doesn’t cause air flows inside a house that spread allergens like dust and pollen. The movement of warm air is what convection heaters naturally do.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this dive into infrared heating.

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