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Lighting ideas for your Home


Lighting can transform any space from a pedestrian room to something completely different and, often, quite beautiful. The array of lights to choose from these days is growing every day and designers have better and brighter ideas constantly.

Of course, there’s an interesting association with lighting fixtures at this time of the year; with Christmas nearly here, many streets in Australia are lit up for permanent noon, with flashing Christmas lights galore. While these can be fun and often hilarious, this is not what we’re looking at.

Lights can set the mood in a room, so it’s important to choose the right colour bulb for the right room. This can range from atmospheric purposes – you want brighter lights in the kitchen, but probably more yellow lighting in the lounge area, to functional purposes – a bright yellow light is best for the room where you do your makeup.

Additionally, lights carry the theme of the home across into the ceiling – if your home is a more traditional Victorian style, then sleek LED fittings might look a little odd. As will contemporary style pendant lights. However if your home is modern, especially if it has the strong open plan entertainment set up, these LED fittings can be your best friend. Just take a look at the beautiful range of LEDs there are on offer these days…

Eyeleds LED lighting home area design ideas

Additionally, in this day and age it’s very important to consider the energy usage of the light bulbs you choose; energy saving bulbs are pretty common, and will benefit you and your energy bill in the long run. As energy saving bulb last up to 6 times as long as the traditional bulbs, you won’t have to change them as often, which is a relief for those out of reach spots.

There are a lot of gorgeous designs available too. From just doing a quick look through any modern lighting store and you can see the sheer range of traditional, odd and contemporary lights available, from sleek pendants to eccentric chandeliers. If you’re into the more cool and sometimes crazy designs, there is a lot of choice out there…

Z Two Lights Lighting designs ideas chandeliers LED

All in all though, it comes down to what suits your home. And those themselves come in many different shapes and sizes. Check out a range of lighting providers at Complete Home.

The Complete Home bloggers will be taking a short break over Christmas, and I certainly will be back in the New Year on January 10th. We wish all our readers a wonderful holiday period and a fabulous New Year, and we look forward to bringing you all the events, designs and ideas in 2013.

PS. For more great lighting ideas, we find Pinterest to be one of the coolest places around. Check out our boards for more inspiration