The Future of Heating is Electric

Energy is changing. It is simply not sustainable to heat ourselves with fossil fuels.

Climate change will have an undeniable impact on our planet and future generations. People want to take action to make a difference. The decarbonisation of heat presents a huge opportunity.

Not long ago the grid was primarily powered by coal power stations making electric heating more co2 intensive than gas. Today the grid is considerably cleaner – electricity now has less co2 emissions than gas and the trend is set to continue.

An increasing proportion of energy providers also now offer a completely renewable tariff.

Eco consumers are also continuing to invest in on-site renewables for their own localised generation to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions.

Lower carbon technologies are increasingly being sought and electric infrared heating offers a compelling solution that makes sense economically and environmentally.

Herschel heating is already well-positioned given the inherent features of our radiant technology: 

  • Lower energy heating due to the thermal storage properties of infrared and no wasted energy from heating air
  • Used with smart, Ecodesign controls to optimise efficiency and save energy
  • Can be powered by clean electricity with the increasing availability of battery storage
  • Solid-state, long lifetime
  • No harmful pollutants or chemicals involved in the production process

At end of life, the majority of our heaters have a very high recyclable metal content and we minimise the use of any non-recyclable components.

We have a number of case studies that highlight both the energy savings from installing Herschel heaters as well as the reduction in carbon emissions.

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