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Orson & Blake offers an eclectic mix of products for the modern homeowner

Two decades ago, mother and son Mandy and David Heimann noticed a void in the retail market. They saw the need for an interesting blend of objects, textiles, art, collectables, homewares and furniture to be offered under one roof. This was their vision for Orson & Blake, a store committed to providing a unique atmosphere and shopping environment for homeowners. Professionally, they made a dynamic duo, with Mandy’s experience in marketing and publicity and David’s in fashion, retail and fine arts. The idea was to develop a lifestyle retail brand that would blend their interests in art, travel, contemporary design, global textiles, artisanal items, craft and objects of ethnicity.

Initially, the range featured homewares, but the addition of several Sydney showrooms saw the product mix evolve to offer more furniture. Now in its fifth year, the company’s OB Collection was developed to reach a wider national consumer and has achieved a great response from designers, specifiers and retailers nationally. “The Orson & Blake style finds comfort in natural materials and in blending ideas, genres, eras and provenance,” says David. “While nodding to trends and eclecticism, each collection retains an underlying need to be accessible and somewhat classic.”

Rich warm timbers, hand-forged metals, honed marbles, artisanal carvings, bespoke finishes and natural fibres or leathers reign supreme across all new editions. “Each collection prides itself on offering the very best artisanal handicraft, workmanship and hand-finished craftsmanship, making many pieces one of a kind or unique,” says David. Ongoing ranges include the popular timber and iron Seville stools that can be found in bars, kitchens and restaurants across the country. Other favourites include the marble-top Munich tables that offer versatility and adaptability.

Inspiration comes easily to the design team that reference many eras and past styles, traditional ethnic interiors, design museums and galleries.

Orson & Blake continues to source new materials and works on unique finishes to bring freshness to the market, while retaining a timeless collection of practical furniture and decorative ideas with a unique point of view.

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Originally from Home Design Volume 18 Issue 6