Get a Handle on Your Home


Consider the humble handle. Described as the jewellery of the home, a cabinetry handle is a chance to add modern glam or traditional charm to a space.

More than that, updating your home’s handles is a relatively inexpensive and effective way to refresh the look of a room. Not one to be underestimated, Nikpol’s range of handles delivers a bold look to a space and complements a range of kitchen and bathroom styles.

Nikpol offers handle designs that are hot on the market from Europe, in various styles and finishes. From the ever-popular brushed satin gold to the moody matt black finish, your cabinetry will make an impact with these stunning creations. Striving to predict trends, working closely with interior designers and manufacturers and sampling the latest looks, Nikpol is assuredly an authority on trending handle styles.

The brand’s wide range of handles ensures there’s something for everyone — and at a competitive price point, too. Nikpol’s aesthetically pleasing and top-quality products are ideal for a completely new space or adorning a well-loved home.

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