A relaxed luxury kitchen


A balance between modern ideals and warm comfort resulted in this stunning kitchen

“This being a brand new build, something modern and fresh felt like a must, but this light-filled space didn’t feel suited to a pure-white, ultra-modern aesthetic. Instead, we blended the sleek look of built-in appliances and the pure luxury of Calcutta marble with warm, useable accessories to create a truly beautiful modern haven that still feels like it belongs in a home. Inviting blush tiles and the continuation of cosy wooden tones used throughout the rest of the build keep the tone warm rather than sterile, while a neutral colour palette avoids any accusation of kitsch. A U-shaped kitchen bench further welcomes in guests and maximises usable bench space, while the addition of an eating area creates a viable alternative to the more formal dining space. The overall effect is a truly versatile room, ideally suited to vibrant dinner parties and leisurely weekend breakfasts with the paper.”
Designer: May Wang for Royal Regal Kitchens & Furniture
Builder: Oakmont Properties


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Originally from Kitchen Yearbook 20