Kitchen Underwent a Complete Transformation

This Kitchen Underwent a Complete Transformation


This renovation by Kitchens U Build is the very definition of a complete transformation. The transition between the new space and the old is akin to day versus night.

Prior to the redesign, the kitchen was outdated and felt quite enclosed. While the renovation may not be drastically different in terms of layout, the team at Kitchens U Build has mastered the art of incorporating subtle changes that make a big impact on overall design.

For example, the new colour palette is a calming and neutral combination of white and canterbury grey, which creates the feeling of open space. It’s also a flexible colour scheme, allowing the homeowners to add their own touch without compromising the design aesthetics of the space.

Meanwhile, updating the bench was a strong priority for the homeowners. Previously, the benchtop was diagonal at the corner, which reduced the amount of space in the kitchen. To fix this, Kitchens U Build added a benchtop that features clean straight lines with no diagonal angle between, which maximises the overall space available.

This kitchen renovation goes to show the power of subtle changes and the big impacts they can create. As the saying goes, “It’s the little things that count.”

Design Tracie Platz

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