A Restrained Palette Enhances Texture


This contemporary kitchen was created with a soft colour palette in mind, which provided an opportunity to insert finishings with character and charm throughout the space.

The client brief specified a sweet and simple colour palette and designer Carla Waghorn of Design Artistry executed it brilliantly, while still creating a compelling design that begs a second glance.

The Staron Ocean View benchtop by Austaron provides a functional surface that also injects texture and subtle colour throughout. The smooth surface highlights the warm tones and subtle wave patterns of the benchtop, creating a delicate and ethereal effect that brings a bit of magic to the space.

This beautiful benchtop works perfectly with the cabinetry and the simple fittings. The soft waves of the material are completely uninterrupted thanks to seamless joins, and extend all the way to the back wall, which houses a storage area for heavier appliances that the clients don’t use very often.

This kitchen is a triumphant example of how clever design and a focus on materiality can elevate a space even with a pared-back colour palette. While soft and minimal, there is warmth and depth here which makes it welcoming to all who enter.
Design Carla Waghorn (Design Artistry)

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The kitchen space is open plan, so colours and finishes were chosen to create a warm and inviting feel. Deep greys, timber, stainless steel and soft whites add character and interest.
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