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Discover the kitchen industry’s best-kept secret when you fall in love with DecoSplash. These splashbacks are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or laundry and have one major point of difference: they’re all made from aluminium.

This is an absolute game-changer for those who want a room that looks amazing with many benefits. For one, DecoSplash will not crack or shatter like glass when bumped or hit, and it’s much easier to install with the ability to cut on-site. There’s also no streaking when cleaning, and it’s completely fire-safe and deemed non-combustible, so you’re choosing a safe option for your home.

It’s relatively easy to install and can be secured directly onto most wall surfaces or over tiles, with the experienced DIYer or a cabinetmaker able to put it in for you. You won’t even need to waterproof. Of course, it’s not just about practicality; you want a splashback that looks good too and in this respect DecoSplash does not disappoint. You can choose from the DecoSplash design series which includes classic looks like marble and granite, and urban styles like concrete and brick. Alternatively, you can use your own design or image for complete  personalisation. You can also choose between a gloss finish or the newly-launched semi-matt satin finish for a more contemporary design aesthetic that offers a realistic anti-reflection surface.

So how does it all work? DecoSplash is made from 2mm solid aluminium flat sheet, then coated with a polyurethane powder coating before the selected design is baked into the surface. This means your image will look sharp and stylish and won’t rub off. There are short order lead times of just 10 days, so you can get your hands on one in the very near future.

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