How to choose the right thermostat when planning your home heating

Often overlooked, the correct thermostat is a key component of any home heating system. Here, we show you how to choose the right thermostat for your system and your home

How to choose the right thermostat when planning your home heating

As the controlling mechanism of your entire home’s heating, the thermostat serves an important part of any system. Leading provider of electric and hydronic underfloor heating and electric heated mirror pads Comfort Heat offers a range of quality heating solutions and divides thermostats into these key types:

Standard Thermostat

A standard for underfloor heating, such as Comfort Heat’s MTD2, has an air and floor sensor that allow a constant temperature to be maintained. An on/off switch provides the user control with just a single press.

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable option offers greater control, with the option to schedule on/off times and temperatures using setback functions. Comfort Heat’s MWD5 combines a floor and air limit sensor, and also includes WiFi which connects to an app on mobile devices.

Home Automation Thermostat

A home automation thermostat integrates with home automation systems. As well as being programmable with setback functions, these types of controllers – such as Comfort Heat’s ETN4 – can be installed into a central switchboard.

Benefits of these Thermostats

The best part of these digital thermostats is the way they work with heating. Your electric floor heating can be activated at the beginning of winter and forgotten about without affecting your energy bills. The device automatically turns the floor heating up and down throughout the day, guaranteeing warm floors when you need them and switching off to save power when it’s not required. This makes our system one of the most energy efficient ways to heat your home.

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