The kitchen bin alternative: waste disposer


Many a Hollywood movie has perpetuated the idea that a food waste disposer contain scary spinning blades like a blender, but this is simply not the case

Here is the inside of an Evolution 100 food waste disposer and, as you can see, there are no blades.

The kitchen bin alternative: waste disposer

The Evolution 100 features two lugs that rotate on a spinning plate. The lugs act like two little hammers breaking the food down until it is small enough to fit through the small holes on the outside grind ring. Food is then washed through the existing plumbing to a waste water treatment plant for processing.

People all over the globe are concerned about the environment. While there’s no single solution for managing and getting rid of the world’s waste, even the simple things we do may have an impact on the environment — such as using an InSinkErator food waste disposer to keep food waste out of landfills. A food waste disposer may also help reduce methane emissions by decomposing food waste, plus there are no more smelly kitchen bins to empty and clean as scraps are ground and flushed away in seconds, without the use of blades. What’s not to love?

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