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You probably don’t spend much time thinking about food waste, luckily the team at InSinkErator does.

In our own backyard, over 5.3 million tonnes of food is wasted each year with around a third of the average household bin ending up as wasted food. Food waste sitting in landfill and kerbside produces methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas that is a known contributor to climate change. In fact, methane is 21 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide.

So how can InSinkErator help?

InSinkErator gives you the freedom to dispose of unsightly food waste quickly and effectively in an environmentally responsible manner. Ground food scraps are sent via household plumbing to the sewerage system instead of to landfill which is not an environmentally responsible solution. At capable treatment plants, methane from ground food waste can be captured and recycled into renewable energy instead of ending up in landfill.

There are two Evolution models in the range. The InSinkErator Evolution 200 is the premium model. It’s many features allow it to be the quietest and most powerful model on the market. It boasts a generous 1180ml capacity stainless-steel grinding chamber which can grind virtually any kind of food.

Installing an InSinkErator food waste disposer in your home offers an environmentally friendly solution for you and your family.

Dripping with style, the Multitap 3N1 delivers a new convenience to your space.

As part of a total solution for your modern kitchen, the MultiTap offers the choice of instant filtered steaming hot water and hot and cold water that you would expect from a standard kitchen tap. Three functions from the one tap.

Each Multitap 3N1 model features a hot water safety locking mechanism. It comes in three finishes – Chrome, Matte Black and Brushed and is supported by the 2.5L Neotank which allows you to set your desired temperature. This nifty boiler tank allows you to heat when needed and save energy when not in use.

The Multitap 3N1 has endless applications that will save you copious amounts of time in the kitchen. Make tea and coffee with the flick of a lever and blanch vegetables in no time. Almost instantly prepare pasta and noodles and clean up quicker than ever before with instant hot water – on tap.

Perfect for any kitchen design, tap into style, functionality and save energy with the Multitap 3N1.

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