Organising Your Drawers in Style


For Zou Build’s latest kitchen renovation project, the focus on organic and earthy textures made Hettich’s AvanTech YOU drawer the perfect choice.

Quality finishes are at the forefront of this design, resulting in a luxurious yet practical storage solution for kitchen drawers. The calming Grecian colours pair beautifully, seamlessly linking each of the rooms together for a cohesive aesthetic.

Hettich’s AvanTech YOU

Hettich’s OrgaTray 270 interior drawer organisation system fits perfectly into the AvanTech YOU drawer, offering additional order to what can be a cluttered space.

Proper organisation within the kitchen is not only more pleasing to the eye, but saves time with everything in its place. The high-quality interior organisation system is made of wood and is anthracite lacquered in colour. It fits an anti-slip mat that will keep it looking its best for years to come.

Hettich’s AvanTech YOU

Various cabinet body widths can be provided by combining individual articles, such as the OrgaTray 630 utensil and cutlery tray. The ability to customise the trays provides choice as to how to store kitchen items for ease and style.

Design ZouBuild
Photography Villa Styling

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The Cantilever team was very sensitive to the couple’s needs when it came to matching the style of the home with the new kitchen. Working within the existing footprint also meant there were sustainable and financial benefits to this choice, with the resulting space offering added convenience as well as stunning good looks.