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Magnificent kitchen renovation from Kitchens by CJ


This magnificent renovation from Kitchens by CJ shows you don’t need to compromise on style in small spaces. Featuring a tonal colour palette, it’s every homebody’s dream: cosy, tranquil and pleasant.

The beauty of nature thrives in this space, highlighted by the subtle grains in the wood materials of the cabinets and under the bench. Rather than painted over, they are left to shine in their own right, giving the kitchen a touch of subtle style.

Meanwhile, the extra space underneath the bench has leg room for bar stools and seats, making the kitchen the jack of all trades — a place to prepare food, share a wine with friends or entertain at a moment’s notice.

But our favourite part of this renovation is the light teal-coloured cabinets. The colour itself is naturally calming to look at, and using it on the elongated cabinets truly elevates the relaxing and serene mood of the space. The result is a homey kitchen that feels welcoming and snug, just like a warm hug on a rainy day.

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