kitchen waste disposal

Kitchen waste management made easy thanks to Häfele


With people becoming more aware of waste separation, Häfele has looked at how it can make recycling easy for all. It’s not just about sorting recycling from landfill; Häfele offers various solutions that include more than two pails so you can easily separate all your waste in the kitchen.

Waste management needs to be a functional and easy solution. That’s why Häfele loves to integrate different options into your cabinet. The company’s products are hidden away and practical, but also offer a wow factor when the user opens the drawer or cupboard.

Häfele works closely with three key suppliers for waste management: Ninka and Hailo — both with German origin, just like Häfele — and Hideaway Bins that comes from our neighbour New Zealand. Häfele focuses on the best of the best in the industry.

When you design your kitchen, don’t forget to include a waste bin in your plans — it’s often the most forgotten item. No one wants to see a freestanding bin in the corner, so head to Häfele Home now and find a bin that suits your needs.

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