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Only natural: kitchen and bathroom surfaces


These stunning natural surfaces are made from recycled materials

Sustainable design is a tricky thing — we all say we want it, but what if it means avoiding truly beautiful materials?

Enter Neolith 100 per cent natural surfaces created from up to 52 per cent recycled materials. Comprised of substances including clay, feldspar, silica and mineral oxides — without any harsh resins — and coloured with 100 per cent natural pigments, these surfaces are a choice sure to make even the most green-conscious of us proud. A 10-year warranty ensures a beautiful design that lasts, but don’t fear landfill — even at the end of its life, Neolith is completely recyclable.

The advanced industrial surfaces are resistant to heat, UV rays and scratches, making Neolith suitable for application within high-traffic areas as well as outdoors.

Surfaces can be up to 12mm thick, so those who love the hefty look of natural stone won’t be disappointed. However, they are also surprisingly lighter than their natural stone counterparts, meaning you can choose from slabs or tiles cut to a variety of sizes and easily position them.

Neolith is available in a huge range of aesthetics that mimic popular but notoriously difficult-to-maintain natural products such as stone, wood and marble. Also customisable is the finish — take your pick from satin, river-washed, silk or polished, and enjoy a benchtop that’s exactly as shiny, textured or aged as you’d like.

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Originally in Kitchens&Bathrooms Quarterly, Volume 23, Issue 2