Real kitchen: Old-school curves

Real kitchen: Old-school curves


A retro kitchen inspired by old-school Hollywood diners: simple, right?

For owners Deborah and Bob, their vision of restoring their kitchen to fit into their Adelaide Art Deco home was more aspirational than they originally thought. After knock backs from several design companies, they found Space Craft Joinery, whose portfolio included retro designs.

The kitchen space itself was a challenge: long and narrow, with little wall space. Creating the impression of space, while maintaining the appealing retro look, was of upmost importance. Space Craft Joinery allowed for

We love the combination of pale pastel blue and lustrous chrome, bringing that retro look into the future.
all space considerations while keeping close to the clients’ retro-themed brief. These space
considerations included the development of a butler’s pantry to fit the main fridge and microwave, while a small bar fridge was easily fitted into the main kitchen cabinetry — a clever compromise between space and style.

Meanwhile, Deborah and Bob delved into the world of 50s-style décor and architecture. This research was the foundation in creating a space that embraced cute retro qualities while still seeming fresh and new. The finished kitchen is effortless in its look and feel. Featuring light pastel colours, the design has used chrome to accentuate the length of the room. The windows have been used effectively to open up the space with light and air.

The cabinetry keeps the retro look, with a fully integrated dishwasher and the bar fridge hidden behind those pale blue doors. The corner dining nook is perfectly in theme: the perfect mix of relaxed dining and a diner booth seat. And it’s just the spot for a cheeseburger and fries.

With their home now officially finished, all that remains is for Deborah and Bob to drop a coin in the jukebox and share a malt in the deluxe diner of their dreams.”
Design by: Nathan Wundersitz, Space Craft Joinery

Expert tip: Using a butler’s pantry to hide appliances is perfect for keeping a kitchen neat and in theme.

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Originally from Kitchen Yearbook magazines, Volume 20
Written by Lauren Farquhar