Kitchen design: A little bit of sunshine

Kitchen design: A little bit of sunshine


A mix of contemporary design, slick white finishes and a dash of sunny yellow are the perfect ingredients in this joyful kitchen design

This project was special to designer and owner of SpaceCraft Joinery, Nathan Wundersitz: it was his own kitchen.

Originally a cold and dark space, built in the 1970s, this kitchen was the last section of the home to be renovated. The rest of the 1920s bungalow had been updated over the years to a light and open contemporary

We love the warm and happy shade of yellow used throughout
space. The owners needed this impractical and cluttered kitchen space brought into the 21st century, filled with light and ready for open-plan living.

Nathan also hoped that a contemporary and fresh design, created with practicality in mind, could see the kitchen mesh with mid-20th century styles.

Using clean, minimal lines and splashes of colour, the space could be a bit more Mad Men chic and a little less dated 70s style.

Another key design consideration was the height of the owner-builders, who are both not particularly tall. Finally, an opportunity to customise a kitchen to their own height scale!

There was also a focus on ensuring the kitchen was eco-friendly, with a low impact on the natural environment in its construction and future use. This is seen in the choice of cabinetry materials, and lifetime guarantee hardware (reducing wastage in the future).

The space is lit by LED tube strip-lighting with a handmade pottery pendant located directly over the work space for maximum efficiency. The Oregon beams that formerly supported the old ceiling were recycled to form a new dining table.
Spacecraft used this opportunity to explore new materials and ideas, making this kitchen wonderfully unique.

In the build process, many structural changes were made to the space. Walls were removed, glass doors installed, and an open-plan area created.

The final product is an object of beauty and practicality. The use of an unconventional, fresh design, drawing from contemporary and mid-century styles, has created a stunning multi-use space. From food preparation to family activities to entertaining friends, this sunny and light-filled kitchen is the perfect space.
Designer: Nathan Wundersitz, SpaceCraft Joinery

Expert tip: Avoid having to use stepladders and take into account the heights of the main family members who will use your new kitchen

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Originally from Kitchen Yearbook magazines, Volume 20
Written by Lauren Farquhar