Get The Look: Scandi Kitchen

Characterised by minimalist design, and a white and natural-toned wood colour palette, Scandinavian inspired kitchens make your space appear brighter, lighter and all around more sophisticated.

Here’s how you can get the Scandi Kitchen look.

Choose a neutral colour palette

White as a kitchen colour scheme underpins Scandinavian design, and this goes for cabinetry as well as the walls. To avoid erring on the side of clinical, choose shades of white that carry subtle peach, pink, or yellow undertones and warm up the space with wooden flooring and countertops.

Choose light coloured wood like beech or ash and make sure to avoid stained or varnished woods for countertops – the raw, natural, untreated look is much more in-keeping with Scandinavian style. Finally, bring in some houseplants to add colour and welcome the outdoors in.

Cabinetry makes a difference

One of the primary elements of a Scandinavian kitchen is the cabinetry.  A Scandi-style kitchen can work with various types of cabinetry, but a plain door really speaks to the cleanliness and simplicity of Nordic design. Opt for push-to-open mechanisms or finger pulls over door handles to preserve that streamlined look.

Image by Everlong Joinery

Lighting is king

The days in the northern hemisphere are extremely short throughout winter meaning there’s only a few hours of daylight. Unsurprisingly, the use of light is very important in Nordic design, with many interiors focusing on creating bright, well-lit spaces.

To achieve this, a variety of different light sources should be used including dimmable LED downlights, task lighting under cupboards and pendant or overhead lighting over dining areas. You won’t use them all at once, but each play a crucial role at some point. Remember that a layered lighting scheme is always preferable to a single source in any style of design.

This kitchen has a mix of pendant, under cupboard and downlights

Add warmth with metallic accents

To add some warmth and contrast, include some metallic accents in your design. This can be via cabinet handles, kitchen accessories such as kettles and tapware.

When choosing a tap for your Scandi kitchen, a kitchen mixer with a minimalist design is key. Phoenix Tapware’s Vivid Slimline Pull Out Sink Mixer is a great option with it’s refined, slender profile and thin, elegant, fixed pin lever. For the finish, brushed gold will elevate the warmth in the sink area or you could go for a more classic look and choose a chrome finish.

Another contemporary option that would work well in a Scandi kitchen is Phoenix’s new Axia Hob Sink Mixer Set Gooseneck in chrome.

Image by @blendedinteriorsanddesign. Pictured: Phoenix Vivid Slimline Gooseneck Sink Mixer in Brushed Gold

Pay attention to the details

Functionality is important in Scandi style, but form comes a close second. When considering furniture for your kitchen, pieces should be pared back to their simplest form. Whether it’s a table, a dresser, a kitchen chair, or a storage unit, look for items that have clean-cut lines and a simple, elegant aesthetic. Avoid anything overly ornate or with lines and features that detract from the otherwise minimalist design of the room.

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