Enjoy these Carbon Neutral Surfaces


There are many benefits to FENIX®. This innovative matt material is the perfect interior solution for your kitchen due to its low-light reflectivity, its opaque surface and its anti-fingerprint feature that still leaves users with a pleasant touch experience.

The external surface of FENIX® is created using multi-layer coating and nanotechnology and is characterised by acrylic resins and hardened with an Electron Beam curing process. That is what makes FENIX® so strong.

Yet it’s FENIX®’s dedication to the environment that really has piqued our interest. As of December last year, FENIX® is carbon-neutral as part of the company’s long-term sustainability strategy. This means that based on the total quantity of square metres of FENIX® sold monthly, FENIX® will contribute to the reduction of CO² emitted into the atmosphere through carbon-offsetting projects, specifically in the generation of electricity through waste- to-energy facilities.

Nover Benchtops

So when you choose FENIX® for your kitchen, you’re choosing to support the environment. It doesn’t get better than that.

You can purchase this versatile material that suits both horizontal and vertical applications from NOVER.

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