Stylish finish, natural materials: a centrepiece kitchen design


In aiming to create a kitchen that went against the ‘all-white’ trend, these homeowners have rediscovered the new centrepiece of their home

These clients aimed to create a kitchen that would be the standout feature of their open-plan kitchen, dining and living area. However, it was also important that their open-plan centrepiece not be the typical ‘all-white’ kitchen and were particularly drawn to the Fenix NTM surface treatment offered by Retreat Design.

A textured, matt coloured surface that’s also soft to the touch, Fenix NTM offered a departure from traditional cabinetry and was used across the design in all of the cabinets. The ‘Grey Londra’ finish chosen immediately sets the tone for an unmistakably modern kitchen. This sophisticated style is further enhanced by lavish Kabuki Black granite benchtops and sharply contrasted by the Oak veneer breakfast bar, which adds a brush of light to the kitchen’s dark colour scheme for maximum effect. Integrated appliances provide the perfect way to blend functionality with aesthetics and ensure these stylish finishes create a centrepiece that offers unparalleled style with a rich colour palette.

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