Tried and tested: smoothie makers

Tried and tested: smoothie makers


Smoothies are more than a drink — they’re a way of life! We searched out the best smoothie makers to help you decide which machine will work best for you

THE RIGHT SIZE – 5/5 stars

Bellini Btgw845 (300dpi) 1

With a mix of different-sized jugs and containers, this smoothie maker is perfect for a cup — or two — of tasty liquid refreshment. Chic and seamless, with no buttons or switches, this handy smoothie maker produced delicious smooth drinks without a problem. The operational method of pressing down and slightly twisting the blending container was a new experience for me and it took a little bit of time to get used to this hands-on experience. After using it successfully the first time it became simple and enjoyable to switch blades and containers. Allowing time for the blender to work its magic will ensure smoothies are always blended well; in one instance I stopped the blender a little early and the smoothie was a bit lumpy. Besides that one time, all the others I made were silky smooth. Another plus with this machine is that it is quiet to operate — definitely an advantage if you don’t want to wake the family. The most cost-efficient smoothie maker of the bunch, this machine was well worth the money. Its only negative is the small container options. Bellini 1000W Liquidiser, $59,


THE HIGH INTENSITY – 4.5/5 stars

Bbl910 The Boss Product Only

Obvious from first sight, this is one heavy-duty, pulverising machine. It created one of the silkiest smoothies I’ve ever had — blending oats, ice and berries was not a challenge at all. The result was a gorgeously creamy smoothie with no lumps and bumps. The machine was noisier than I expected, but that’s unsurprising due to its high-powered engine and the intense smoothie function which has different pulses and blending speeds. This smoothie maker has a large blending container which is remarkably lightweight and could easily cater for a family of smoothie drinkers. With a considerably higher price tag, this fantastic machine offers great quality and versatility. Breville The Boss, $699.95,


THE SPACE-SAVER – 3.5/5 stars

Cuisinart 46219

Ideal for kitchens that have limited space, this smoothie maker is sleek and compact. Easy to use, it has two speeds — high or low — and blended the smoothies to a great consistency. It wasn’t quite as operational in terms of pulses or a specific smoothie function, but it was very efficient and had my drink blended in no time. Its size produces just the right amount of smoothie, and it could also cater for more people than just myself. It was a little tricky to clean this machine due to its steeply downward-facing blades, but the components all came apart so you could access the blades separately to the main container. It is nice and light, as well as being easily portable. Cuisinart CPB-300A portable compact blender and chopping system, $189,


THE TRAVEL READY – 4/5 stars

Mix & Go Pro Jug 21820au

With its unique ability to use interchangeable blending containers, this smoothie maker is ideal for those rushed mornings or days when you’re on the go. You can blend directly into your chosen travel container or other container that suits your situation and quantity of smoothie needed. Featuring a smoothie-specific function, a pulse setting, as well as three other levels of intensity, this machine blended all the classic ingredients of ice, frozen berries and oats with ease. The glass container, while feeling very durable, also felt a little heavy. Despite this, the jug was easy to fill up, pour and clean. Quick and very straightforward to use, this smoothie maker delivered generous portions and handled the ingredients like a pro. George Foreman Mix & Go Pro, $89.95,

Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly, Volume 25 Issue 2