Award Winning Designs, Built Around Lifestyle.


Since opening their first display in 1997 McLachlan Homes ongoing passion and drive for providing customers with high-quality designs is second to none.

With a commitment to providing one-on-one personalized customer services and the freedom to design to their customers lifestyle, taste and budget.

With the completion of more than 2200 homes for Queenslanders – from the Sunshine Coast to South Brisbane this long standing team take pride in offering solutions to a wide range of needs. With design solutions ranging from small lot, steep block, acreage, dual occupancy, and beyond.

McLachlan Homes stand true to their motto of ‘built around lifestyle’, with each project being built around the customers’ individual needs, the overall idea is to offer flexibility. Freedom to make variations to the project is possible, without the nasty admin fees.

With high quality and intelligent designs, the winners within their categories in the Master Builders Excellence in Building Awards: the Drury residence, and the Hicks and McInerney residence.

The first of these is The Drury Project in Newport.

From drawing inspiration from the client’s list of must-haves, wishes, and how they wanted their new home to ‘feel’ was very important. The design features a functional footprint with a stunning opulent and contemporary modern façade. Enhanced with elements such as a striking ledgestone-cladded brick pier, stunning balcony and a variety of different materials, textures and colours that create a memorable street scope.

The second award winning Project was the Hicks and McInerney property.

McLachlan Homes are thrilled to have exceeded the client’s expectations with a “multi-functioning family home that is a true entertainer’s delight, with a little something extra”. This modern clean design offers a bright colour pallet and the finished home has heart, function, and a touch of glamour, with a bold street scope to boot. It has been a pleasure to design and construct this unique, contemporary, high-quality forever home.

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