Design Trend: Natural Wonder


A better choice for you and the planet.

More than ever before, bringing nature into our designs and fitting the building is thoughtfully within the landscape is an important goal for today’s construction professionals. Immersing nature into design, and creating a space which better connects to it, not only looks amazing, but is also proven to improve our health, enhance our well-being and reduce stress.


Concern for the environment and for sustainability has also dramatically increased in recent years.  More and more projects are being completed using sustainable building materials. These materials offered a number of advantages, both economic and envionmental.

When choosing a building material for a project, a number of factors need to be considered when determining how sustainable the material is. These materials need to be harvested from renewable rather than non-renewable sources. The environmental impact of the material chosen must be considered over the whole lifecycle of the project, rather than merely over the short term.


So whether you’re building or planning a renovation and selecting the most sustainable cladding solution is at the forefront, you can’t go past Weathertex’s Natural range.

The Weathertex Natural range of weatherboards and panels is the first manufactured product range in the world to obtain a Platinum GreenTag certification, (Global GreenTag is a third-party, multi-criteria, consensus-based and externally verified Type 12 eco-labelling program and is the only certification mark in the sector approved by the ACCC, the US Patents and Trademark Office and Green building rating tools internationally.)


The Natural Choice

Weathetex Natural range can be stained, sealed or left to age gracefully in the same manner as other hardwood timbers. This will enable you to create your own unique design whilst supporting a product that is great for the planet.

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