Custom vs Standard Designs: Which is right for you?
Custom vs Standard Designs: Which is right for you?

Custom vs Standard Designs: Which is right for you?


When it comes to building your new home, most people are torn between a Custom design or off the plan Standard design. This decision can often result in spending hours on google searches, media articles, websites, and advertisements, this soon gets confusing to the best of us

The McLachlan Homes Team are here to make this decision a whole lot easier, they have been designing and building over 2100 Homes for Queenslanders for over two decades.

Whilst there are benefits to both selections, it also can come down to a few contributing factors.

Unusual shape or a sloping site? If the answer is yes, Custom is more than likely the way to go. A Custom design will maximise unusual or difficult block potential by working with the site instead of trying to make a standard design fit. The one on one service will have the Design and Sales Consultants meet with you onsite to bring the best out of your block and ensure the design has all the elements you require. Make the most of views, create unique street scopes the potential is limitless.

Custom Design, doesn’t that mean it is more expensive? Not with the McLachlan Homes team. Adhering to their motto “built around lifestyle”, in simple terms they build around your lifestyle, your taste, and your budget – Custom project or Standard design.

Standard Design, does this mean uninteresting designs? Not at all, McLachlan Homes offer a great range of Standard award-winning designs for Acreage, Traditional and Small designs which work very well with standard blocks. Many award-winning standard design options have modified versions available or why not customise a standard design?

There is no wrong answer to the Custom vs Standard design debate, it comes down to simply your personal choice or needs. McLachlan Homes best advice to anyone in the market for building a new home is to meet with our Design and Sales Consultants to create a wish list. With some detailed information they can present you with a number of standard plans to fit your brief or the possibility of creating your custom design.

Take advantage to multiple Display locations and styles that are available to inspire and speak to the McLachlan Homes Team today.

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