How turf can transform your yard, house value and wellbeing

How turf can transform your yard, house value and wellbeing


It might be left far down the list of things to spruce up when selling a house, but a great lawn is something that shouldn’t be overlooked

Adding lawn to your house could be one of the smartest ways to potentially increase its value. Research has revealed 93% of real estate agents would recommend a client give their lawn some TLC before selling, with a new lawn having the potential to add $110k to house value.

“It’s important to look for improvements you can make to your home that are cost effective and deliver a good return. Adding lawn is a no-brainer, it’s a quick and easy renovation that adds value and most importantly attracts more buyers,” said Peter Diamandtidis from Raine & Horne St Marys.

The research also revealed that 40% of agents surveyed believe a nicely presented lawn can boost a house’s value by more than 20%

Buyers could even be turned off a property thanks to a dismal garden according to Peter.

“Too many times I’ve had buyers walk away from a property simply because of a poorly presented front yard and the prospective buyers could not see past it.”

For the value it adds to a home, turfing your yard is a small investment compared to other home renovations, such as a kitchen or bathroom, as it’s something you can DIY and provides a striking transformation.

Even more impressive, turf is good for you and the environment.

Turf can help maintain a balanced ecosystem and also helps improve water quality by slowing down run off and trapping pollutants .

A nice lawn might also impact your wellbeing with turf being known to reduce CO2 emissions, generate oxygen and absorb noise.

Now is the perfect time to renovate a yard with new turf. For more information on buying, laying and maintaining a lawn visit