This South Australian home regulates heat in style with a clever pergola system


This South Australian home sure knows how to take the heat in style with a clever pergola system

Set in the lovely coastal suburb of Aldinga Beach, South Australia, this stunning home is a perfect combination of relaxed yet contemporary styling. With a focus on sustainable design, the house features a structural timber frame and includes the use of natural materials and finishes throughout. Uninterrupted floor tiling, a large expanse of glazing, and the continuation of structural timber to form a contemporary pergola create seamless indoor-outdoor living — a must-have for any modern Aussie residence.

The home maintains passive solar strategies to keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter. Retaining this consistent internal temperature can be tricky, and shading is an essential element to achieve this goal. The Aldinga Beach project features a large overhanging mono-pitch roof to shelter the west-facing glazing and outdoor terrace. As the sun lowers in the afternoon, the terrace and glazing are exposed. To combat this gradually increasing sunshine, the homeowners included two manually operated Shaderunner Retractable Sail Systems within the existing pergola. The Shaderunner is the ideal solution for shading entertaining areas and providing easily controllable shade on demand.

As well as protecting outdoor spaces from the harsh sun, the Shaderunner can be utilised as part of a comprehensive environmental design strategy. During the hotter parts of the day and warmer months, the Shaderunners can be extended to shade outdoor terraces and windows, especially when the sun is at a lower angle. This set-up will reduce solar gains and therefore limit the use of mechanical air conditioning. When the weather turns cooler, the Shaderunners can be retracted, exposing the west-facing glass and providing welcome solar heating. Talk about an all-season passive solar strategy!

Besides the benefits for inside the home, the Shaderunner Retractable Sails also offer a fully usable outdoor terrace. Adequate outdoor sharing ensures entertaining or quiet time outdoors can be extended to all hours of the day, whether you’d like to soak up a few rays in the morning or take shelter from the midday intensity. From outdoor entertaining spaces and patios to swimming pool and courtyards, the Shaderunner is available is a wide range of fabrics and colours to complement any architectural style.

Designing sustainably includes investing in long-term solutions, so Shaderunners are constructed with the most durable marine-grade yacht fittings and Ronstan ball bearing pulleys to ensure years of trouble-free shading with minimal maintenance. Choose between manual operation of a simple endless cord system or Somfy motorised with a remote control. It’s time to make the most of your outdoors!

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