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Anything that’s meant to stay in our outdoors should be robust enough to withstand Australia’s harsh climate. Otherwise, it begins to look shabby and unappealing, and will simply end up contributing to landfill — something none of us want. What we should be looking for is products that are manufactured to the highest standards, that feature all-weather materials, and that will maintain their appearance and functionality for many years. When it comes to trampolines, this is especially important because on top of these considerations, safety is also a factor.

An Australian manufacturer and supplier of premium trampolines, Mr Trampoline has more than 70 years’ experience in trampoline-making. With a culture of quality, it uses the best materials and build to the most exacting standards, so can guarantee both the quality and safety features of the products. With in-ground, in-deck and above-ground trampolines, Mr Trampoline offers sizes from Family to Olympic, and you can commission bespoke models for tricky sites.

Designed in 1949 in Melbourne, Mr Trampoline two-string performance beds are the original woven trampoline beds and to this day maintain their position on the global stage. These woven beds are hand-made in Melbourne from a 3×3 yarn and can be custom-made to suit any frame and spring combination. What’s neat is that the original loom is still in operation, although now complemented by some modern weaving equipment. Plus, the special design allows for a twist-free trampoline bed without weaknesses attributed to stitching or hemming — the only trampoline beds worldwide with these unique edges.

Mr Trampoline’s frames and springs are fabricated in Australia from Australian-made hot-dipped galvanised and guaranteed to last for decades. Their clips are engineered to be strong, reliable and long-lasting, and there are about 100 huge 11-inch springs in every trampoline to generate a soft, deep bounce and maintain high performance.

New to market is an exciting candy-coloured range of mat treatments to really personalize your trampoline and blend with your design aesthetic. Be bold with pink, orange, red, yellow, sky blue, navy or silver, or choose classic blue or green to blend with your lawn and garden.
To extend the life of your mat remember to re-coat it every 3-4 years, and when a new mat is required, consider the fresh new colour options.

Not just for the enjoyment of households, Mr Trampoline supplies trampolines for elite athletes (including Jakara Anthony who won gold in the Women’s Moguls at the 2022 Winter Olympics) and provides trampoline beds to performance troupes such as Cirque du Soleil and the Moscow Circus. With a worldwide reputation as a superior supplier of trampolines and trampoline mats, Mr Trampoline recently built a 35m gymnastics fast-track bed for a Danish boarding school gym.

Also a certified NDIS provider, Mr Trampoline can work with families and carers to provide the most suitable option for your trampoline therapy needs.

Whether you’re preparing for the Olympics or you just want to create some family fun, you can be confident that Mr Trampoline will give you hours of safe and enjoyable bouncing for generations.


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