Why is Primer Important Before Painting?


Like with many other things in life, preparation can be key and often the only way to ensure the best results. That’s why we think priming and sealing your surface is essential to ensure the longevity of your coating.

At Globalcote, they’ve got a high-quality primer called Primecote Sealer Primer, which comes in four varieties: a standard option suitable for both tile and metal surfaces, one specifically for metal, one for sealing extremely porous tile roof surfaces, and a façade option for priming concrete walls. 

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Why is Primer Important Before Painting? 

If you’re spending money and time to paint your home, it’s important not to take short cuts so the coatings can last as long as possible.  

Priming and sealing your surface is one part of the process that should not be skipped.  

Here are a few reasons why: 

  • Primer is important because it enhances and promotes the adhesion of additional coatings to the surface. You can have issues with the adhesion of the top coat if you don’t use a primer.
  • It seals and protects the surface which is being painted.
  • It boosts the coatings’ durability and longevity.
  • It can help to conceal minor blemishes in the surface being coated.

Features and Benefits of Globalcote’s Primecote Sealer Primer 

We have a range of primers to suit different surfaces. They are all water-based acrylic sealer primers which means they are easy to apply and easy to clean up. 

All four of the primers have excellent adhesion to a range of surfaces, and dry relatively quickly, with the metal option needing slightly longer before another coating can be applied over it.  

Primecote – Metal also has a flash rust inhibitor, which enables it to have long-term resistance to rust and corrosion. 

Why do you Need to Use a Primer Before Painting? 

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