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What Makes A Good Rain Gauge?


For one family, that became a mission, and now they’ve turned it into a business.

It started with what doesn’t make a good rain gauge. 

‘My dad was fed up with replacing rain gauges that you couldn’t read, because they were foggy or crazed. Or their brackets had fallen to bits. He’d looked for something better and after several other purchases, he just couldn’t find it. He figured other people had the same problems, and that there might be a market for a really good rain gauge.’

‘After four years of prototyping, figuring out manufacturing and so on, the Crystal Rain Gauge reached the market in 2020.’ says the company’s general manager, Lucinda Batey.

‘Our product is a glass rain gauge that won’t discolour or fade like the rest of them. Our number one priority was durability. After researching, we found that borosilicate glass and marine stainless steel were the only materials that could cope with Australia’s weather.’

‘The other key was to make it easy to read. Which is why the graduations are really bold, and annealed into the glass cylinders so that they’ll be there forever. We knew we got that right when a cattle farmer friend reported back that he could read it from his ute!’

‘Another feature that sets us apart is that the Crystal Rain Gauge™ can measure up to 200mm of rainfall without having to empty it out multiple times in between.’

‘So far we’ve sold nearly three thousand rain gauges. Turns out Dad was right about others having the same problems we did!’

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