Maytronics Healthy Pool

A Naturally Healthy Pool


A mineral pool swim system uses natural magnesium as an alternative to chlorine or salt.

Have you ever dreamed of floating in the therapeutic Dead Sea? Maytronics Mineral Swim has created the exceptional pool experience, allowing you to bring a piece of this environment straight to your backyard. Mineral Swim minerals are sustainably sourced from the Dead Sea in Israel. They are 100 per cent natural magnesium-dense minerals that are added to the pool water as an alternative to the more traditional chlorine or salt pools. The high levels of magnesium mean the water feels softer and moisturising when swimming.

Maytronics Natural Pool

The Mineral Swim system combines ozone purification with the magnesium-rich minerals, giving the pool owner healthier pool water. It will reduce the owner’s needs for added chemicals by up to 80 per cent, so you get a magnesium-rich pool with less chlorine and fewer harmful chemicals.

Mineral Swim has a tangible therapeutic benefit because of the ozone water purification system that works in conjunction with the minerals to purify and sanitise the water. Ozone sanitisation is significantly more powerful than traditional sanitisation systems. Ozone is a naturally occurring oxidiser that protects our planet in the atmosphere and is used widely to sanitise both air and water. If you drink bottled water, odds are it was sanitised with ozone.

Eliminating the need for harsh chemicals results in a chlorine-smell-free pool, no more itchy and red eyes, and no dry skin. Other benefits include better overall water quality, removing all the negatives of a traditional chlorine and saltwater pool (the corrosive nature), and the health/therapeutic effects of the magnesium levels in the pool water. The downside is the initial upfront cost. While this is the most expensive option initially, further savings are often realised in things like reduced electricity usage and chemical costs.

Maytronics Naturally Health Pool

Converting your pool is easy and can be done to both newly built pools and existing ones. The conversion is as simple as installing the added ozone purification and other systems based on what is currently installed, then adding in the required amount of minerals.

The Maytronics Mineral Swim system is Climate Care Certified. This means you are not only providing your loved ones with a healthy pool experience, you are also helping the environment.

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