Four FAQs every pool owner should know the answer to


There are many questions that pool owners ask when they initially get a pool. Waterco answer four common questions a new pool owner may have

1. How important is it to maintain your pool throughout the year, and not just in summer?

  • Economics: It is more economical to maintain a pool for the entire Year and not have to go to the expensive adding Algaecides, Clarifiers and Flocculants to clear up the pool and then having to waste time vacuuming the pool and checking the filtration back to a working condition.
  • Health: The pool is a potential health risk when it is not maintained. There is the chance of mosquitoes breeding in a neglected pool.
  • Equipment: A swimming pool pump should operate everyday to prevent possible bearing seisure.

2. What are the key things every pool owner should have to maintain their pool?

  • A Good swimming Pool Technician
  • A weekly routine for checking the Baskets and water Condition etc
  • A leaf Rake or Scoop
  • A Test Kit
  • A Pool Broom
  • Some form of Dosing or sanitising System
  • A good Automatic Pool Cleaner or
  • Vacuum Head
  • Vacuum Hose


3. What are the risks if you don’t maintain your pool, and how much enjoyment can a well-maintained pool bring?

  • There are associated Health risks if you don’t maintain the pool
  • There are obvious Aesthetic reasons for maintaining the pool in good condition
  • A great reason for a well-maintained pool is if you decide to have a pool party, then you don’t need to stress about getting the pool in tip top condition to use it.
  • The children can use it whenever it is convenient.

4. Any hints and tips for keeping your pool in tip-top condition?

  • Weekly checkup to see is pump and skimmer baskets are clean.
  • Remove leaves etc from pool, Weekly
  • Test water at least once a Month.
  • Check filter pressures Monthly.
  • Check Filtration system for possible leaks or unusual noises
  • Check salt water electrode is clean and working correctly.


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