The healthier alternative: a breakthrough pool filtration system
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Prevent itchy skin and red eyes with this breakthrough pool filtration system

The Naked System is the latest in fresh-water technology that requires far less chemicals and maintenance than traditional sanitisers. Chlorine, high salt levels and other chemicals used in pool water can irritate skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and can cause harmful reactions in allergy or asthma sufferers. This breakthrough system safely removes harmful bacteria from your pool without the need for harsh chemicals.

“We’ve combined two very traditional concepts with revolutionary technology to deliver the best in pool sanitation,” says Darren Milne, director of Naked Pools. “It’s a very similar technology used by NASA. What you’re left with is healthy, rejuvenating, crystal-clear water that contains less chlorine than the water from your tap!

“You can use the water from your pool directly on your garden (subject to local council regulations) — it’s clean and safe, plus there are no hazardous chemicals going down the public drainage systems,” explains Darren.

The benefits of a Naked Pool include:

Features of a Naked Pool system include:

Imagine taking a swim in silky smooth fresh water, no chlorine burning your eyes and not having to take a shower after having a dip. Naked Pools’ system makes swimming a more natural, gentler experience.

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