Queensland meets Snowy Mountains: infinity-edge pool

Queensland meets Snowy Mountains: infinity-edge pool


Boasting both Queensland and Snowy Mountains influences and a stunning beachside location, this home is made complete by its spectacular infinity-edge pool design

The lush green NSW Sapphire Coast has been a favourite holiday spot for this family of four for many years. Their sloping 10ha site, with a new home and infinity-edge pool, is now a place where the couple and their two children in their 20s can truly indulge. “We have been visiting the region since childhood and stay at our adjacent family farm several times a year,” say the homeowners. “We are interested in hiking, beach runs on soft sand, keeping fit and we swim multiple times a day — either in the ocean or pool. A great day is when you don’t get out of your togs or board shorts!”
They requested a rectangular-shaped pool that takes advantage of their enviable beach views and interacts well with their house, which blends influences from both Queensland (the wife’s home state) and the NSW Snowy Mountains, from where the husband originally hails. “The house has wide balconies, the walls and ceilings are lined with vertical joints (VJs), and the pool had to resemble a resort pool — all Queensland influences,” says the homeowner. “Meanwhile, the Snowy Mountains influences include the stonework (aptly called ‘Alpine’), the timber eaves, and the ceiling void in the living area — a bit like a ski chalet.”

When it came to the 12m-long pool, an infinity edge, or edges, was a must in order to create a resort feel and remove the pool fence as much as possible from the view corridor. “The northerly beach view is a highlight of the property, so we wanted an infinity-edge pool that looked over the top of any pool fencing to give the impression that it’s floating in a paddock,” says the homeowner. “Our architect also had firm views on the pool’s teal-coloured tiles, how the pool fencing was to work and the way the pool was to interact with the house.”

With infinity edges on three sides, the trenches on each side of the pool were constructed to match the proposed yard levels and are filled with dark-coloured river pebbles. The rock wall adjacent to the pool was installed by the excavator driver, who said the house and pool needed to be “grounded”.

“The levels of the adjacent yard changed due to the installation of a 105,000-litre underground water tank, so the side troughs had to be retained in order to match up the yard levels,” explains Javen Nawodycz, owner of Everlast Pools & Spas, which worked in partnership with Inlander Pools & Spas to build the pool.

A large solar system was installed and a separate electrical line runs from the electric pool heater to the main solar control unit. When batteries are installed, the homeowners plan to run the pool heater off grid, directly from the solar batteries.

“This project was all about simplicity, form and practicality,” says Javen. With its ideal coastal location and spectacular design, this dazzling pool is bound to be the site of many more years of fond family memories on the NSW Sapphire Coast.

“Good design comes from different minds and visions. Getting the customer’s input can point you in the direction they want, and experience and qualifications lead you to the ideal outcome for that particular site and customer,” says Javen Nawodycz, owner of Everlast Pools & Spas.

The company has been building pools for four years, but Javen has worked for multiple builders all over Victoria and NSW for 16 years. “My family has been building pools since the early 1980s,” says Javen. “My father, Peter Nawodycz, has been building pools for 37 years, so I have grown up in the pool construction industry.”

Everlast Pools & Spas has built an average of 20 pools a year all over Victoria and NSW, but with its current bookings, this looks to double in the next 12 months. “Our specialty is constructing concrete pools in unique positions,” adds Javen.

Everlast Pools & Spas is a member of the Victoria and NSW MBA.

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