Case study: Rydges World Square’s innovative glass coating


Located in one of the world’s top 10 travel destinations, the luxury Rydges Hotel has been using this innovative glass coating to maximise views and enjoy the easy-to-clean benefits it provides

Rydges is a luxury hotel and resort proprietor operating in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Situated in one of the world’s top 10 travel destinations is luxury hotel Rydges World Square. The housekeeping team have been utilizing the window cleaning benefits of EnduroShield for over 10 years and have recently had EnduroShield reapplied to their feature glass windows.

“EnduroShield for glass was chosen by Rydges World Square to reduce glass maintenance costs and maximise the views from our featured areas. We are satisfied with the outcome and happy to recommend it to others,” Sarah Young, Executive Housekeeper, Rydges

The Rydges hotel lobby features a circle of 30 bay windows which have been treated with EnduroShield’s glass coating in response to maintenance issues. The housekeeping team at Rydges World Square had noticed that due to the circular configuration of the central court creating a wind tunnel effect, dust and dirt were continually spread throughout the area so that even with frequent window cleaning, the windows continually looked dirty.

EnduroShield professional applicators were contracted to give the bay windows a thorough professional clean and then treat the glass with EnduroShield’s easy clean protective glass coating, ensuring the surface stays cleaner for longer, and significantly reducing glass cleaning costs.

As the industry’s best performing, internationally recognised hydrophobic coating, EnduroShield is the smart choice for glass surfaces – a unique value-added solution that turns ordinary glass into easy-clean, non-stick surfaces which reduce maintenance and increase performance.

Developed with cutting edge nanotechnology, the coating is applied by
many of the world’s leading glass companies. It enables them to differentiate from the competition by providing easy clean, low maintenance glass that offers great value to customers, and a value added service that drives increased revenue.

With multiple application options available and improvements in automated solutions, EnduroShield is easy to apply and backed by a true 10 year performance warranty, independently tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland.

EnduroShield’s fully automated application option allows ease of integration into existing manufacturing lines with its very latest automatic coating machine – X-Line, designed and built by EnduroShield. Click below to see the X-Line in action.

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