Eternally Asymmetrical


This kitchen forms part of a completely new area within the home. The existing house was raised and new living, kitchen and dining sections were built underneath. The owners wanted a space that was clean, contemporary and easy to entertain in, but also with a point of difference. As the original home was raised, posts to support the second level were required within the kitchen space. They needed to be located almost a third of the way along the back wall, so a full-height wall has been integrated to conceal them. From this predetermined layout stemmed the inspiration for the asymmetrical design. This wall has been painted to match the cabinetry, creating a seamless transition between the adjacent tall cabinetry and benchtop. The position of this kitchen and, in turn, the main focal entry point was always going to be the end of the island bench. This, combined with the asymmetry of the window location due to the fixed position of the structural supporting wall between the cooktop and ovens, created the asymmetrical nature of the design. The pantry and laundry have been concealed behind a rather prominent wall adjacent to the kitchen. To highlight this element, the stairwell timber detail was matched with the blackbutt timber-clad wall. The back of the island bench has also been finished in blackbutt timber to form a connection. This detail has been carried through to the shadowline handle profile in the pantry that sits against the Fenix Nero laminate cupboard fronts. The inspiration behind the stone waterfall end was to create the effect of the burnished concrete floor wrapping up and over the cabinetry. Due to the spaces being quite linear in appearance, the angled waterfall end has been introduced to break and soften the appearance. This also draws the eye across the floor upon entry. A small negative detail within the stone edge has also been added to enhance the angle detail, which follows through into the shadowline handle profile and the pendant light fittings.

Designer: Charlotte Russell for Garsden & Clarke Kitchens

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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Issue 24 Volume 4

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