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Cabasse Stream

Not happy to rest on its laurels with the Stream 3, Cabasse has created a sublime addition to its networked speaker system. Designed as a multi-room system that can connect to your network via a range of options, Stream 1 comes in a streamlined design that is capable of deep and textured audio, which sounds great from any angle or room.



Control4 has a built-in system that allows homeowners to remotely access their property no matter where they are in the world. This enables them to monitor its security status, turn equipment on and off, such as air conditioning or pool heating, and check if windows and doors are open. While this was all already possible, it was previously much more complicated. With the new Anywhere Access system it couldn’t be easier.


contemporary play back system

At first glance, you would be forgiven for mistaking the dCS Vivaldi for an uber-expensive CD player. However, the new Vivaldi four-box system is far more than just a CD player. It hosts a swathe of technology that, in layman’s terms, makes your music sound amazing. Its up scaling of lower-bit-rate music produces tracks of such clarity, depth and quality that it rivals studio masters’ tracks in audio perfection.


modern speaker

The Parrot Loudspeaker has graced the pages of Grand Designs Australia before, however the Parrot Solo is the newest member of the parrot line. Sporting the unique styling of Philippe Stark and the latest in audio design and wireless technology, this new loudspeaker impresses with its audio production and visual appeal.


vintage style turntable

To commemorate Linn’s 40th anniversary, it has joined forces with Highland Park whisky distillery to create 40 limited edition Sondek LP12s — Linn’s highest-performing turntable. Encased in solid oak sourced from Highland Park’s very own casks, this once-off production is a representation of the exceptional commitment Linn has to creating the very best in high-end audio products.



Bose has recently unveiled the SoundTouch family, a wireless, networked all-in-one speaker system, which comes in three distinct “flavours” — the SoundTouch 30, 20 and portable. With the ability to stream high-definition music from networked storage devices and internet services, the SoundTouch is a future-proof high-fidelity audio system that can cater to any taste.


KEF V300

KEF’s ultra-slim V300 digital TV sound system allows you to enjoy high-fidelity sound via a simple HDMI connection. Industry-leading acoustic technology and ease of use make the V300 the easiest way to upgrade your viewing with luxurious, high-quality audio.


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