Established in 1995, Bathe is an Australian based importer and distributor of European bathware. They are passionate about offering retailers, architects, designers, renovators and homebuilders access to bathroomware from the world’s leading manufacturers and renowned designers.

All of Bathe’s leading brands are selected due to their international standing as leaders in their respective fields. This ensures every product from the Bathe brand stable brings to the user the highest standards of manufacturing quality, excellence of design and the ability to create the ultimate bathing space and experience.

KALDEWEI – Kaldewei baths and shower floors are meticulously crafted with steel enamel. They are masterpieces of bathroom design: extravagant, exquisite and elegant. Designed as prestige items they can transform every bathroom into a shrine of aesthetic sensuousness. Today, Kaldewei is one of the world’s most prestigious bath manufacturers – with over 80 awards to prove it. The products range from traditional baths, floor-level shower trays and huge washbasin ranging. Kaldewei are acknowledged by experts throughout the world as contemporary works of modern bath culture.

CERAMICA GLOBO – A family owned company based in Italy, Ceramica Globo was established in 1980 and has become a success story focused on increasing the value of human resources and on a balanced relationship with the environment.

Always committed to understanding tastes and new fashions, Ceramica Globo looks to the future with constant process and product innovations that require the integration of many different competences, from design to engineering, from the chemistry of materials to logistics, from marketing to sociology.

The input of ideas, creativity and professional capacity of the team involved in these processes allow creating products of undisputed quality, which are reliable, technologically advanced and very stylish.

FIMA –Located in the north of Italy, the success of FIMA is based on the belief that world-leading products can only be created from sourcing the best quality materials, combined with leading production technology and design. Established in 1960 by Carlo Frattini, this company aims to be dynamic, international and absolutely contemporary in nature which is expressed in innovative unique solutions in terms of design, quality and functionality.

All FIMA projects are developed considering all the steps of a product’s life, from its manufacturing to the shipment until its dismantlement. Focusing on the environment and sustainability, they have constantly developed their production processes in order to reduce the use of resources, materials and energy.

AQUAS– A family run business with over 25 years of shower innovation experience combined with Swiss precision engineering. We are a leading shower innovator, our top priority in everything we do is in providing our customers with premium quality shower innovations. Aquas’ designs are a reflection of the sensational landscape from which we hail. Inspired by the refreshing and revitalising sensations of the Swiss Alps we have curated a range of shower solutions that guarantee a shower like you have never had before.

BATHROOM BUTLER – Leaders within the bathroom accessory and heated towel rail market, this South African company prides itself on being the market leader in engineering excellence and cutting edge technology, aiming to provide top of the range quality products that are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable for a greener environment.