Australia’s Leading Pool & Spa Builder Specialising in Designer Custom Concrete Pools In Sydney, South Coast, Central Coast, and Newcastle.


Decades of Excellence:

Constructing over 70,000 pools across Australia since 1973 catering to discerning homeowners in Sydney, South Coast, Central Coast, and Newcastle, we understand that navigating the intricate waters of pool ownership can be both exhilarating and daunting. With Blue Haven Pools & Spas, you’re supported by a legacy spanning more than five decades, marked by over 350 industry design awards.

Our Legacy and Commitment to You:

At our core, we are a family business, established in 1973, and strengthened by over 100 passionate team members today. We blend the personal touch of a boutique with the robust processes of a corporation, ensuring your journey with us is intimate yet professional. Whether you’re aspiring for a refreshing dip on a summer afternoon, vibrant poolside gatherings, or a tranquil retreat, our designs are tailored to echo your dreams.

Pioneering the Digital Era of Pools:

From our commitment to driving the pool industry into the digital era, we became the first in the world to offer custom concrete pool packages online. Our online property quiz, designed with precision, works to understand your space and align it with your vision. We’ve leveraged advanced AR and VR technologies, ensuring any uncertainties are replaced with clear, tangible previews of your future pool. It’s a matter of pride for us that because of these efforts, we made it to the Australian Financial Review’s 2021 Top 10 Most Innovative Companies list.

Financial Flexibility for Your Dreams:

Understanding that a pool represents a significant emotional and financial decision, we’ve devised a method for you to own a pool without spending a single dollar upfront. By refinancing your home loan, you could potentially tap into greater savings. In collaboration with experienced finance partners, we’re prepared to assist. And we want to be clear: this isn’t a marketing gimmick. It’s a genuine opportunity we’re extending to our community, anchored in transparency and trust.

Beyond Design: 

Our alliance with you extends beyond the design. We offer a comprehensive, transparent service that respects your investment—mitigating maintenance worries with our robust aftercare, setting industry standards in safety, and ensuring that every pool is a masterpiece in both form and function.

We’re not just about crafting pools; we’re about orchestrating an enjoyable experience. Together, let’s transform a vision that’s a true reflection of your lifestyle.

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